by Cardinal Fang

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released April 21, 2017

Recorded April 2017
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BloodFang Records 007
For Ali




Cardinal Fang England, UK

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Track Name: Pop Poppet
Life is us, moving everyway

Throwing shades around another way to fly

round garbage trails and eggs

Tensions they go on late

What can I say

Hand through the crowd

Magnolia eyes, be sure make them proud

I'm sure we will angel

Oh oh I'm/your so unfull

I can see in foreign houses, it's true

I wanted this to be blind love, total goal, restless soul

The borders recognised by them

Teach them how to fend for friend

Let's go hide out in waves

Cities or streets we won't pretend

It's nice a right

To licence every wave, we'll teach them

I know now how

Ways to see or recognise

It's true, I wanted this to be blind love

Total goal

If I wanted to see behind, wouldn't carried the rocks to bed, never want courage blind, might as well end up...

Screaming scented ways, more warm embrace, here soft exchange

It's your move don't you wait

Don't petty city scrapes

I know I won't wait

Did you see it, it ain't fake

Like a lion it can brake

Heaven it is cake
Track Name: Roof Soup
Fortune made a grave of the winds and the Rays so it leans

Tawdry made a gun it has won all the rain as it tows

Repair-y will come with both wings as it please

The less I know about the little things in life so It seems

Shivery was sudden what has become should be Valentine

Heathen i've found you

Hey there your making

Synopsis, prognosis, status change

Magnolian brain

The main corridor way

I will retire