Vigor, Vim, Vitality and Punch

by Cardinal Fang

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released December 3, 2015

All songs by Robbie Wood
Artwork by Eleanor Hardwick
Mastered by Robin White
(c) BloodFang Records 2015 003



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Cardinal Fang England, UK

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Track Name: Modern Conquistadores
You can see it in their eyes, a nasty faint surprise, it eats inside.
A formal declaration, my hands are tied, see it in their eyes.
Rape the land and children who fled their homes from skies, disguise discrepancy.

Courage near the sea, I don't want to see, Island mentality.
Backwards is the way, cowardice to stay, so flailing.
Corruption in their eyes, for their business enterprise, 'kill me'.
Empty glass towers for hours and hours, can you see me?
A modern conquistador, something there is of more; Lying.

Jesters with dunces, they better Jester another
Jesters with dunces, go and Jester
Track Name: Diana Moon Glampers
I did not sow, I did not spin, and thanks to pills I did not sin.
I loved the crowds, the stink, the noise, and when I peed, I peed turquoise.
Soak yourself in Jergen's Lotion, here comes the one-tan potion.
Meek, Weak, soft to squeak, don't know where to begin.
Virgin hostess, death's recruiter, Life is cute, but you are cuter.
Mourn my pecker, purple daughter, all it passed was sky blue water.
'Neath purple roof iv'e come today, to piss my azure life away.

Rest assured and dark, well that's it. The slide, now I find, oh.
Track Name: Sea and Refugee
Beautiful memories refuse to rise again
locked up by the border control for friends
resurrect voices trembling
the borders are recognised by 'them'
but I don't see no barriers between friends
what to recognise? Love will amend

innocent bodies always amend
one time, a paradise
looking at the colour blind, you forget to look up
thinking of a wire fence, stop humans, doesn't make sense
forget nations ties and feel alive!
one more baggage another surprise, and
Track Name: Telos
Agents and Actors dreaming
Aliens and vanguards swimming
failings or factors clinging
chances, trying or trailing
feelings, disrupted, tryouts
well the madmen wiped us off in the conservatory, selling us his fields while he murder tree
Poison in the air, regenerator?
faced with execution, no less hater
watch the running flesh
watch the go less big mess
watch the tempted racial test
watch the sequence fest

To have a home, to have a seat
to have Telos, reason four, Vanya kills, straight up thrills, explosion came, thought remained, the leaders hid, regained their gods, their minds would act, somewhere intact, explosion comes, explosion comes