Yard Sale

from by Cardinal Fang

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White table, he's on my knees.
Shoes able, there goes my trees.
One many, to go on door.
The shirt sale, that's not my door
there, is, a, man, in, my, trousers
He's got my papers, he's got my knees.
He shoots the fables, just on their knees.
What am I? Any more than this?
Jumble sale, I'm on my knees
So many things I wanna buy,
Two dollars in my hand,
When I can try
I want that shirt of mine
Jumble sales, are well great,
When I wisper, or hesitating
Go back to school, learn the books
That you read for cool
Yeah, I, am, a, guy.

Oh when you go, that's not my face, no.
Oh well you want, that's not my table, go.
Well I know your on my feet, I enjoy every meats to go, oh no.

No fighting, for my knee
go able, just go out free
I brought three items in the sale
One time I was just queen of mine

One time, it not my style, go fantasy
Oh wild horses, they are my friends, no ferrel one
No, I don't take favours, just liberties,
All my neighbours, they call me please
When i've fallen to my knees


from Logical Jungles, released April 12, 2016




Cardinal Fang England, UK

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